Implicit Negative Feedback in Clinical Information Retrieval


Medical Information Retrieval Workshop at ACM SIGIR 2016 In this paper, we reflect on ways to improve the quality of bio-medical information retrieval by drawing implicit negative feedback from negated information in noisy natural language search queries. We begin by studying the extent to which negations occur in clinical texts and quantify their detrimental effect on retrieval performance. Subsequently, we present a number of query reformulation and ranking approaches that remedy these shortcomings by resolving natural language negations. Our experimental results are based on data collected in the course of the TREC Clinical Decision Support Track and show consistent improvements compared to state-of-the-art methods. Using our novel algorithms, we are able to reduce the negative impact of negations on early precision by up to 65%..

Medical Information Retrieval Workshop at ACM SIGIR 2016
Lorenz Kuhn
PhD student in Computer Science